Lopsided – Friday 10th May 2024


Mum’s jumper is going to be lopsided. Mum says it will be fine, because she’s probably slightly lopsided herself. She didn’t read the pattern correctly. Then she was faced with the choice of unpicking 56 rows of knitting, which had taken a couple of months or finding a workaround. Of course, the latter option might have been more convincing if she hadn’t made another mistake after that. We’re all waiting to see how the whole jumper turns out and I suspect there’s still the possibility of her wanting to redo the whole of the front. On that basis, it’s going to be several more years before we see the finished item. It’s already been about three years since she began.

The grass

The grass seems to be growing faster than we’re able to cut it. Mum and I are valiantly going out each day to do a little more. Then we turn our backs and it’s grown while we aren’t looking. We really need to get the big mower out, but at the moment due to the building work it’s stuck indoors and can’t get out. Mum’s hoping that soon that will change, but I’m not convinced. We just need to spend more time outside, but I guess that’s not always possible.

Foxes and cats

We seem to have had a lot of foxes and cats in our front garden recently. You wouldn’t believe how exciting all the smells are. There I am, first thing in the morning, on the end of the lead. There’s Mum not yet awake on the other end. Then I catch the smell of fox poo or cat poo and I lurch across the garden dragging Mum behind me. She says life would be so much better if either I would stop taking her by surprise, or when the garden is back to normal and I can be off lead all the time. I’m looking forward to that too.



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