Sitting on eggs – Saturday 11th May 2024

Sitting on eggs

The pigeon is sitting on eggs. There’s nothing odd about that, except for the fact that she’s doing it on top of the heater in the new outside bar. Mum and Dad haven’t even started being able to use the bar and now it’s become a glorified pigeon house. Dad said we should take the twigs down when they started building the nest. Then the next thing we knew Mrs Pigeon had laid eggs and was sitting on them. It means Mum hasn’t the heart to disturb her. Now no one is allowed to use the bar until the pigeon has finished using it.


I looked it up and pigeon eggs take about 17-19 days to hatch, which probably means sometime next week. Then the young will be in the nest for four to five weeks before they fly. On that basis we should be able to start the clean-up operation around the end of June. Then we just have to persuade them to nest somewhere else in future.

Mind you, before that we’re expecting a large number of frogs or newts to come hopping out of the pond, so it could be a busy time.

Door to door salesman

We had a door to door salesman call yesterday. Mum asked what he wanted and said no thank you, before closing the door. I was shouting as loudly as I could from the other room to say I’d talk to him, but Mum had shut him out by then. He wanted to talk about pet food, so obviously it should have been me he was talking to and Mum was very mean in sending him away. She says she doesn’t buy from anyone who just turns up at the door, but I pride myself on being a good judge of character and could have decided for myself.



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