Mum is Cheating – Thursday 9th May 2024

Mum is cheating

Mum is cheating. I’m quite sure of that. If I look at my calendar the picture is Betty (CaicosRoos Camille) sniffing a dandelion clock. That can only mean it’s May. Mum has not yet managed her resolutions for last month, so she is claiming it’s still April. Ok, so I know Mum was ill in most of April so that might be considered forgivable, but that is not the only thing. Aristotle was very strict about his compost bins. There are six of them. Ok, so there’s seven as Mum built another one, but that’s not the point. There were six of them. Ari’s plan was that meant one bin for each two months of the year.

Bin number three

That all means that as it’s May, we should now be on bin number three. That’s the third one down from the top of the orchard. Mum is still putting the grass cuttings into bin number two. I have tried explaining to her. She knows that Aristotle would be upset with her, but that hasn’t made any difference at all. The best I’ve had from her is that she won’t put any more into April after this week. I should think not – we’ll be almost half-way through May.

The veg

I also reminded her that we haven’t got any further with the vegetable seed planting. At that point she simply told me to do it myself and she couldn’t do everything. I’m starting to suspect this won’t be the year we grow aubergines after all. I just wanted to do all the things that Ari had been planning, but maybe they aren’t as important as they seemed in the first place. He wouldn’t have wanted Mum to be worn out trying to fit them all in, so I guess I shouldn’t expect her to do so much either.



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