A good journey – Monday 20th May 2024

A good journey

It was a good journey home yesterday. Mum and I went out for a lovely walk first and we’d still packed everything into the car to leave by 8.45am. Thankfully, at that time on a Sunday morning there aren’t too many people around so most of the drive to the Channel Tunnel was quiet. It was a really grey day, which was the only thing that spoiled it.

Check in was really easy too. Mum found my chip really easily and because I was barking I went to stand outside with Dad while Mum waited for my paperwork to be cleared. It is so easy with my Swiss passport. I’m a very lucky dog being able to use that.

More traffic

As always there was more traffic on the UK motorways. Even then it wasn’t as bad as it often is. The sun was shining in England which made coming home feel a lot nicer. We were home by just after 3pm, which gave plenty of time to see what had been going on while we were away. Mostly it seems that the grass has been growing and the fox has been leaving his poo all over the front garden. Mum was going to start cutting the grass, but ran out of time and energy, so she will start that today. It is going to take a lot of work.

What was exciting was to see that all the vegetables that Mum planed have come through. Some of the carrots haven’t, but it’s very exciting to see the start of the parsnips, potatoes and squash plants. I could even understand why Aristotle liked growing things now I can see what happens.

As always after a holiday, this week will be about catching up. On the bright side a lot of what needs doing is outside so as long as the weather is good it should be a fun week.



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