Back to grass cutting – Friday 28th June 2024

Back to grass cutting

Mum is back to grass cutting while the temperature is a little lower. It’s amazing how much it’s grown in places. The biggest problem is where it stays wet due to our spring. It gets very long there, but stays wet too. Much to Mum’s annoyance, that’s the area I like to go to the toilet in. As I’m on lead at the moment it means I walk her through the mud every single day. It’s under some low tree branches too, which is fine for me but not so good for Mum. She has to duck all the time to miss hitting her head. She gets a bit fed up walking through cobwebs too. We’ll both be happier when I don’t have to be on lead all the time.


I think the Paracetamol may be working. Either that or it is not so uncomfortable now my staples have been removed. The good news is that I’ve stopped chewing my knees again. Mum says I can stay on the tablets for a week and then she will reduce them again to see if I’m all right. Instead of just stopping them she will try going down to one a day for a few days and then finish them. Hopefully by then my inflammation will have gone down too. It’s some sort of progress I think.

My belongings

Some of my belonging had to go into storage while our building work has been taking place. Now that my room is nearly finished Mum is going to the storage place to bring some of them back. I can’t wait to see them all again and see what I’ve been missing. The only problem is that Mum is threatening to throw out things we really don’t need and says I have to be fairly ruthless about it. I’m sure she can’t mean any of my things need throwing out – not really.



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