Another dressing – Thursday 27th June 2024

Another dressing

I have another dressing on my wound. Most of my back has healed, but at the base there is just one part that is still slightly open. The vet thinks it should only take a day or two to start closing up as long as I’m good, but she’s put a new dressing on and superglued it to me so it doesn’t come off. Apparently, the dressing itself won’t stick very well now because my fur has grown so well. The glue is the same thing that is used to stick children’s heads back together, so presumably it’s quite effective. I may be wearing this dressing for the rest of my life.

I’ve got to keep the collar on for another day or two too. And Mum isn’t going to start taking me out for longer walks just yet either.

Back on paracetamol

Then there’s the question of why I’m hurting. The vet says there is still swelling from the operation and that will take a little while to go down. The pain may also be because the staples were itchy and uncomfortable. I’m to stay on my Metacam and go back onto my paracetamol for another week to see if that solves the problem. If it doesn’t then I need to arrange to go back to see my consultant earlier than six weeks from now.

On the bright side, the paracetamol does mean I will be getting some Parma ham again to disguise the tablets, so it isn’t all bad news. Every cloud has a silver lining and all that.

Happy it’s not so warm

Today I’m happy it’s not so warm. I really want a day of snuggles and it’s been too hot for that the last couple of days here. Mum and I are both feeling a bit down, so we’re going to curl up together later and just enjoy being together.



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