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Puppies – Wilma’s Friday Flashback – Friday 16th February 2018

Well I’ve been looking back in the archives and I’m expecting our Mistress’s car to break down at some point today. It seems to have been an annual event in recent times. I didn’t think I’d bore you with that […]

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Friday 29th December 2017 – Wilma’s Friday Flashback

It probably should have been a Thursday flashback rather than today as we sat at home discussion the birth of Shadow’s C litter who turned four yesterday. Being the youngest of the family it was odd with all the others […]

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Monday 21st March 2016 – What a Fun Day

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Yesterday was my first ever Entlebucher Fun Day and what a day it was. It started off pretty well sleeping on Mum and Dad’s bed overnight. Dad complained, but Mum stuck up for me. He says she’s too soft with […]

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Monday 28th December – Reaching a Peak

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The flood waters should peak today and we hope they will start to go down. When I went for my walk yesterday I found myself up to my knees in water when I forgot to look where I was going. […]

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Friday 11th September 2015 – Dewdrop voted off

Well it didn’t take long for Dewdrop to be voted off the list. I’m not really sure what you’ve got against the name Dewdrop, but it isn’t going to be given to any of the puppies from Shadow’s litter. Shadow […]

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Sunday 28th December 2014 – Happy Birthday C Litter

Aristotle here again.
A very happy birthday to Cinderella, Ellie (Cosette), Scout(Cuddles), Cracker, Otto (Chekov) and Otis (Casanova). It’s amazing to think you’re all a year old already and there’s our mum busy trying to make the next lot.
They had a […]

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Sunday 30th November 2014 – Ellie (Cosette)

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My little sister Ellie is one of the C litter too (As well as Cinders who I told you about yesterday!) Her humans were going to keep her name as Cosette, but people kept abbreviating it to things they didn’t […]

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Tuesday 23rd September 2014 – A photo

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I promised I’d bring you one of Shadow’s photos and here it is. Shadow is in the middle of six of her children. From left to right are Cinderella, Dora, Basil, Shadow, Aristotle, Ellie and Dickens. They look very good, […]

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Tuesday 17th June 2014 – Looking forward to Fun Day

Well I still can’t tell you what has caused the problem for my Mistress as it is not the simple thing that they could have found from the blood test. To be fair, with my Mistress, the likelihood of it […]

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Thursday 27th March 2014 – News of the Puppies

In the last day or so we’ve heard from Cinderella, Ellie (Cosette), Otis (Casanova) and Otto (Chekov) and they are all doing very well. Our darling little Otto seems to be suffering an allergic reaction on his tummy but is […]

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