Update on Aristotle – Thursday 14th December 2023

Update on Aristotle

Today’s update on Aristotle is not good news. He is partially paralysed and not responding to treatment. It is likely that he has one or more discs in his back which have degenerated and are now causing the paralysis. Unfortunately given his age and his heart his options are limited. Mum has considered all the possible ways to help. She’s thought of getting him wheels, but with his bad elbows in his front legs, they just wouldn’t cope with the extra work without him being in pain. He is still in hospital and is receiving the very best of care. We’re all still praying for a miracle for him.

We will hear from the vet again a little later this morning and if there is no improvement at all then it will be time for us to say our goodbyes to him.

Hard to cope

We’re all finding it pretty hard to cope with. It has come as a shock to us all. We are all going round in a bit of a daze not quite knowing what to do. He’s been my buddy all the years I’ve lived in England. We’ve sparred and played and curled up together. He’s been my partner in crime.

Mum was telling me about how she convinced Dad that Ari could stay when he was a puppy. She nursed him to strength right from when he was born and decided pretty quickly she didn’t want to send him to another home. Every night she would pick him up for a goodnight cuddle and take him through to wherever Dad was in the house to give Dad puppy kisses before bed. If you know what a softie Dad is, you’ll realise that by the time Ari was only a few weeks old Dad was smitten as well.

I know Ari is already twelve and a quarter, but none of us is ready to lose him from our family. We’re all feeling very low.



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  1. I am lost for words. I am really sorry to read this today, I was hoping for a more positive post. I know Ari has had problems but this has come so suddenly. I will keep hoping that there’s some improvement today. Sending positive thoughts and love.

  2. So concerned to read this news. I really Hope that there can be some improvement today. Thinking about you all and sending best wishes.

  3. Although I have not used it on any of my pets (yet), I have heard about the health benefits of veterinarian approved CBD oil in terms of pain management. Might be an option to consider after discussing it with the vet…

    I will keep Ari in my thoughts and prayers.

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