My dearest Mama Susi – Thursday 14th March 2024

My Dearest Mama Susi

Mama Susi and me

My dearest Mama Susi crossed the rainbow bridge on Tuesday of this week. Mum and I were in tears when we heard the news from her lovely humans in Switzerland. The biggest loss will be felt by them and my sister Valeria and the hole in their lives will be huge. For me, it seems impossible that the next time I visit them in Switzerland she will not be there. She was the most amazing Mama to me and all my brothers and sisters.

My dearest Mama Susi

Baika vom Arvenstock – Susi – 6/6/2008 to 12/3/2024

Mama Susi’s kennel name was Baika vom Arvenstock. She was born in June of 2008 and lived to the amazing age of just over 15 ¾. I thought she was beautiful and so did Mum. Mum thinks I look very like my Mama and that makes me feel very proud indeed.

Mama had twenty-five puppies altogether and I was born in her last litter. Through my sisters Tosca and Valeria and my brother Ustinov she had a lot of grand-children and even some great-grandchildren too.


My kennel name is vom Rickental, because I come from near the Rickental stream near a place called Willerzell. That is where Mama lived with her humans. It is a very beautiful area with a big lake and beautiful hillsides. Mama spent a lot of time hiking in the hills with her human. More recently, because she was so old and infirm, she would go out in a special cart so she could be wheeled out in the fresh air, rather than having to walk.

Thank you Mama

Thank you Mama for bringing me into this world and all the wonderful times we had together. I will always be grateful for you teaching me the meaning of loving my humans and enjoying being cuddled. You were a wonderful Mama, reprimanding me when I misbehaved – which was quite a lot, but doing so nicely.

I hope that as I grow older I can do so as gracefully and graciously as you did and be as beautiful inside and out as you always managed to be.

We will think about you often and never forget how special you have been.



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  1. Oh Wilma I am so sorry. Thinking of you all. Sending lots of love and hugs.???

  2. Oh Wilma I am so sorry. Thinking of you all. Sending lots of love and hugs.???

  3. Dear sis Wilma
    You have described Mum Susi so beautifully – that’s exactly how she was… Me and my humans are very sad about the loss, as she was with Erich and Gina for 15 1/2 years. Now, for the first time in our lives, we are single dogs and have all the attention (except for Elfriede the cat, who always has the last word). It’s a completely new feeling, you already have some experience with it. I’ll see how my life develops. I’m all the more looking forward to seeing you again soon. Please come soon!
    Sincerely, your sister Valeria

    • Oh dearest Valeria, I promise I will come as soon as I can.

      Being an only dog is all right for a short time, but I’m ready to have a friend here. Mum is starting our search, but it will take a time. Please take care of yourself and give extra love to your wonderful humans.
      Your loving sister, Wilma

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