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Saturday 27th May 2017 – If only there were photographs

Hello, everyone, happy Saturday. It’s Aristotle here and I get to write for one day before handing over to Wilma for her travel diary. I can only apologise that I did not have the camera handy on Thursday as I […]

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Sunday 21st May 2017 – We’re all in recovery

Yesterday, it turns out, was exhausting. By the time our Mistress came home all she wanted to do was sit quietly and put her feet up. That’s my kind of life so of course I was happy to do the […]

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Saturday 20th May 2017 – Good luck everyone

To have puppies one of our breed has to take a number of tests. These check our health (I failed as did Alfie), our character and our similarity to the breed standard. That last part isn’t just about making sure […]

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Thursday 11th May 2017 – Tougher than they look

The pigeons are either tougher than they look or even more stupid. I think there are fewer of them and they haven’t been on the cherry tree, or in the trees above the summerhouse, but they have been sitting on […]

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Tuesday 9th May 2017 – Perry isn’t up yet!

Perry, as the Peregrine Falcon has been named, has moved from the side in the utility to the filing cabinet in the office. He has not, you will be pleased to hear, been filed… yet! To be fair to our […]

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Sunday 7th May 2017 – Getting into training

Later on this year our Breed Club is organising a big sponsored walk to raise money for Heidi. We are planning, between us, to walk the distance from Entlebuch, in Switzerland to London. The idea is that people and dogs […]

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Thursday 4th May 2017 – Enjoying the sunshine

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Aristotle had the right idea yesterday. Our Mistress asked if he wanted to go for a walk or do some gardening. He chose the latter, but it didn’t take either of them long to decided that gardening was too much […]

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Wednesday 3rd May 2017 – An available Entlebucher puppy

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I thought I’d tell you about the lovely Marley who is looking for a home. He’s in Switzerland but could move here after he has his vaccinations. He did have a home to go to, but his poor human has […]

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Thursday 27th April 2017 – An increase in numbers

Now you may find this hard to believe, but one of us sneaked into the country under the radar. I don’t mean illegally, and I’m not talking about us four. Our Mistress received an email yesterday to enter for the […]

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Wednesday 26th April 2017 – Who ordered winter?

Just as we thought spring was in the air it disappeared again without trace. To be fair, not totally without trace there is a fair amount of blossom shivering in the cold wind out there. There is also a rather […]

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