My whole life is odd – Saturday 7th January 2023

My whole life is odd

It turns out that my whole life is odd at the moment. Right through the last three years, we’ve gone nowhere and done nothing overly exciting. Ok, so we’ve visited a fair few places around where we lived and even moved house. I suppose I spent a nomadic summer with Mum when we were between houses, but that seems to pale into insignificance. I thought I knew where we were. Except when we didn’t have a home, we didn’t stray very far. Part of that was covid, part of it was Mum caring for first Alfie and more recently Shadow. There was her broken leg thrown in as well, but that feels like ancient history.

Keeping Me On my Toes

Now I don’t know from one minute to the next where I’m going to wake up. Yesterday I got in the car at the hotel we’d stayed at near Leeds and woke up at a hotel near Luton. I was all ready to check in and ask if they had a spare pillow, but it didn’t work like that. I had my lunch, dropped Dad and then Mum and I drove home. Very odd behaviour. A shame I thought at the time, as when I got out to have my lunch I saw a number of squirrels I was hoping to get better acquainted with. After that is when it all got odd.

Whistlestop tour

We only stayed at home long enough for Mum to pick up some things, including my pillow I’m pleased to say, then she drove me back to the hotel, which is where I am now. She said I shouldn’t get too settled, so I don’t think I’m here for long. That being the case, I can’t stop and write any more to you today – there are squirrels to chase!