What a walk – Sunday 8th January 2023

What a walk

What a walk I had yesterday. It wasn’t just one walk either. You know when your human says ‘I’ll make it up to you’ and you really know that is never going to happen? Well yesterday was not one of those days. I love the hotel we stayed in. Totally loved it, but I’ll tell you all about that when I write up my hotels and award their bone ratings. I’d slept well and Mum took me out for a pee and then brought me back for my breakfast. She didn’t even make me eat outside, which is better than some of the times we’re away.

My first walk

Anyway, Mum had a shower and I put my paws up for a while. Then we went for our first walk. It was getting light by then and we walked through the woods having a good sniff. We were out about half an hour and knowing how many things they were all planning to day, I presumed that would be my lot. Mum put me in the car while she went for breakfast and left me with the words ‘I’ll make it up to you later’. I was patient while the others did some activities after breakfast and actually had to wait until it was lunchtime.

Then the day got better

After lunch Mum didn’t take part in the activities with the others. She said the afternoon was all mine. I blinked a bit in surprise. A whole afternoon with my bestie. The dream of every dog. It was raining quite hard so we sat around and talked for a while. Then Mum said if we didn’t brave the weather we’d be sitting there all day. So off we went. We had a map of the hotel grounds which showed where the paths were. Mum said we could do the big loop if I wanted to. Of course I wanted to.

We walked for over four miles (over six and a half kilometres). It was wonderful. The rain stopped after about half an hour and the sun even came out for a while. The hotel grounds have lots of ancient trees and a big lake. We saw squirrels, geese, swans, mole hills and more mud than even I can make the most of. It was fabulous.

Out like a light

Once Mum had dried me off, I fell asleep almost immediately, even though it was dinner time. It was a wonderful day and quite honestly, I think I’d like to move in and live in the hotel. Mum has explained that isn’t an option and we’re going home today. That’s a pity as there are still parts of the grounds we haven’t explored.



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