A day of injuries – Friday 8th September 2023

A day of injuries

Yesterday was a day of injuries and some of them were completely my fault. Thankfully, I didn’t sustain any of them, but I was in pretty big trouble for the one I caused.

A delivery of paint arrived before we set off yesterday. Mum, foolishly, didn’t put us in a different room when she went to the door. When the man rang the bell, she opened the door just a little way and pointed for him to put the package outside for her to bring in when we were not trying to escape. Mum’s second mistake was to have her finger through the gap of the door at the same point I jumped against it. All things considered I thought she was very restrained, but she does now have a purple finger which apparently hurts.

A pile of stones

We drove down to Dorset during the middle of the day. It was much too hot to stop anywhere so we agreed to have a late lunch when we arrived.

“Look, Wilma,” Mum shouted as we drove along a road. How a human can get so excited about a large pile of stones is beyond me. Apparently, it was something called Stonehenge. As I couldn’t get out to either sniff it or pee on it, it wasn’t of much interest to me. At that stage of the journey it was 31 degrees outside and I wasn’t leaving the comfort of the air-conditioning even to have a good sniff.

More bruises

Where we are staying is very hilly. That would be so much easier if it were a) cooler and b) if Mum didn’t have bad knees. We waited until it was late afternoon and overcast before going for a walk and wouldn’t have gone then if I hadn’t said I needed the loo. We’d gone about 100 yards when Mum twisted her ankle, but we went slowly for a while and she said she was ok. It was when we were on our way back that things went really wrong and she fell over altogether. Not only was it not my fault, but I’ve learnt not to make things worse by pulling away as she falls. I’m pleased to say that there was nothing broken and although Mum was dripping blood from the cuts to her arm and hand, we got home without further incident.

I suspect she’s going to feel a bit bruised today so we’re taking it easy. I’m hoping to go for an early walk and have found a nearby woodland that I think would be suitable. Mum has said we can go just as soon as she’s had breakfast.



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