Odder and odder – Friday 6th January 2022

Odder and odder

Yesterday from a dog point of view just got odder and odder. Mum explained the programme for the day to me. We discussed how to make it work for all of us. Dad was going for a minor operation at a hospital in Leeds.We had to take him and pick him up. In between we would go for a walk and visit Mum’s nephew. It sounded like a good plan to me.

Less than three and a half hours before Dad’s op it was cancelled. You can imagine the state of unhappiness that caused after waiting a very long time for it. An hour later it was back on. The hospital found a replacement for the piece of equipment that had broken down. The nice people at the other hospital put it in a taxi. It was on its way Leeds. That was odd.

How many walks?

Because we spent so long waiting to collect Dad, we alternated going for a walk with sitting kicking our paws. You know how good I am at being patient – not! Mum took me for a walk every couple of hours through the day. We were at a motorway service station. It wasn’t just any service station, it was a very lovely one from a dog point of view. There was a large area for walking and bridleways and all sorts. We were at Leeds Skelton Lakes Services. It’s probably the best UK service station we have ever been to when looked at from a dog perspective. I was still bored between the walks, but otherwise it was a really good day. It would have been better if Dad could have come for the walks too.

It’s funny how there is almost always a way to make the best of a day whatever it needs to involve.