Tired old dog – Wednesday 17th May 2023

Tired old dog

Yesterday I was feeling very much a tired old dog. I’m really ready for Wilma to come back to work, and she says she can’t wait too. It was one of those days where all of my legs seemed to want to go in different directions of their own free will. Mum says it’s good that I’m going swimming today as it will help to soothe everything and maybe get them moving in the same direction. I’m not so sure – I rarely think it’s a good thing that I’m going swimming, but if the water’s warm it might be quite soothing.

I may have overdone it a bit if I’m being honest as I was helping Mum cut the grass – yes again! She was trying to do it on a slightly shorter cut now it is a little more under control. Despite working very hard we only got about half of it done – maybe less than that. It means we can do some more later.

Cheering herself up

Wilma is cheering herself up by thinking positive and planning her holiday. She’s off to see a couple of her sisters and her Mama and then her brother Salvo. She loves having family time so can’t wait. She’s been making a list of what she wants Mum to pack for her, including things like her cool mat in case it’s hot. It’s a good job there will only be the two of them in the car as they will need the space to fit everything in.

Even if she’s out of her cone on Monday, there won’t be chance for her to get in shape for her holiday but Mum has promised to spend the week giving her plenty of exercise so she feels more prepared than she is now. I think Mum feels she needs it too.



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