My mountain – Saturday 14th January 2023

My Mountain

Yesterday we drove over my mountain for the first time in a very long time. Oh it’s good to be home. I wanted to go for a walk there and then, but Mum said as it was getting dark I would need to wait. How can I be patient over something as important as setting paw on my mountain again? Home is definitely the place you know where to find your bed and the biscuit box and I am most definitely home. I’ve already made arrangements to see my sister Valeria today and my sister Tosca on Tuesday. Don’t you just love family time?

The worst thing about hotels

The worst thing about staying in hotels is that Mum doesn’t let me sleep on the bed. I’d forgotten how annoying it was, given how long it had been since we stayed anywhere. Now I’ve remembered! It doesn’t matter how many times I ask or how nicely I ask Mum, she just quietly explains there are some things we only do at home. I never really understand why, but there’s no arguing with her. Anyway, now I’m home again and I’m happy as that means I sleep on the bed, back to back with Mum.


Mum laughs at me for needing a pillow. I don’t laugh at her. Doesn’t every dog need a pillow? She says I’m the only one of her dogs who ever has, but I just thought it was normal. If I don’t have my own special pillow with me I end up having to push a blanket or toy into the corner of my bed, to create one. I shamed Mum into lending me one of her jumpers when she forgot my pillow the other day. She says I’m a bit of a princess, but I don’t see it that way.