Just perfect – Friday 20th January 2023

Just perfect

Yesterday was just perfect. The snow had stopped falling and the sky was blue. We went up to my mountain and had the most wonderful walk. I was sorry that my sister couldn’t be there, but I had a lovely time romping through the snow. There was a male dog that I really really fancied and Mum said I’m not supposed to be quite a forward in my behaviour. How silly is that? I may never see him again, why wouldn’t I shout to him to stop and wait for me so we could at least play together? He wasn’t sure to begin with, but I think he quite liked me too. It was such a shame not to be able to have long to get to know each other.

Some down time

I had some down time while Mum and Dad took a whole load of things to a charity shop and some other things to the tip. I’m pleased to say none of my things are being thrown away. That would never do. They are hoping to finish the final dismantling and disposal of things that we need to get rid of today. It has made me tired just watching them. There really is a lot to be said about a much simpler lifestyle.

Later walk

Towards the end of the afternoon yesterday we went for another favourite walk around the village from our house. I had a good bark at a local dog, but otherwise behaved. The sun had gone in and as the temperature was about minus six it was a bit cold and slippy under paw. At least with having four paws, when one slips the others stop me falling over. I was pleased to get home again at the end of it, but it had been a lovely walk with views of the lake. I wish we could walk here every day.



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