My mountain in snow – Thursday 19th January 2023

My mountain in snow

Yesterday I was on my mountain in snow. Oh it was wonderful. It was snowing for our whole walk and to be fair we couldn’t see very much, but there was snow everywhere and I loved it. It was great to be able to chase after Valeria in the snow. She still managed to find us some sticks and we had a lovely run. With not being able to see very far, Mum didn’t get me back on my lead in time when a whole group of dogs appeared out of the cloud. She had to call me quite a lot before I came back, but it was all very amicable and we had a nice time saying hello. Mum said I need to be more careful as going up to a pack of dogs can go wrong, but I was fine. I’m always polite in those situations.


Mum found the roads a little hair-raising. They were being cleared regularly, but were covered in snow almost as soon as they were cleared. It was bad enough having to keep clearing snow from the car, before going anywhere. Then when we put the car in the garage, the snow all melted and ended up soaking some boxes that we’d put at the side of the garage. I don’t think we’ve totally got the hang of this snow lark.

The best spot

I’ve finally found the best spot to watch Mum work. She’s been busy dismantling and moving furniture around the house. I gave up going with her as she moved about. That was a mug’s game. Instead I’ve found a comfortable rug where I can keep an eye on proceedings and raise a paw when Mum goes past in one direction or the other. I’d only be in the way if I tried to help and that would never do.



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