Megan One – Saturday 21st January 2023

Megan One

Yesterday I went for a walk with Megan One. Obviously ‘One’ isn’t really her name, but if you’ve been reading the blog for a very long time you might remember the story. Once upon a time when Mum was looking for one of our breed to come to the UK and have puppies she decided to call her dog Megan. Megan, who I walked with today was going to be that dog, but when she was only sixteen weeks old her tail was curling too far and she was unlikely to pass our breeding test. Mum had to take the difficult decision for her not to come to England. It worked out very well for Megan as she moved to live with her lovely dad, Falk, who went on to be father of Shadow’s third litter.

Later my aunt Megan did come to England, so she became Megan Two and the original one was Megan One. I know it’s complicated.

Wonderfully fit

For her age, Megan is wonderfully fit. She will be fourteen in April and was still happy to come on a lovely long snowy walk with me yesterday. She’s slowed down compared to how she used to run everywhere in the past, but I was very impressed by how well she’s doing and can only hope that I’m doing that well at her age.

We didn’t go up onto my mountain as it was very very cold. Instead Megan took us to one of her favourite walks which is on lower ground near where she lives. I have been there before but not for a very long time. It was very snowy and lovely. Dad hadn’t been there and now wishes we could be here long enough to go again. Maybe in the summer.

Missing my sister

I’m missing my sister Valeria as her season now means she can’t come to walk with us. When I say walk, what I really miss is running after her all the time. I won’t have any doggy friends or family when I go out today and that will be a shame.

At least Mum has finished dismantling the furniture that needed to be taken apart. There will be no more driving to the tip. The sad part is that means in just a few days we will say goodbye to this house for the last time, but Mum has promised that we will still spend a lot of time here so it’s not so bad.