More normal day – Saturday 28th January 2023

More normal day

Yesterday was a more normal day. In some ways If I’m honest, that suited me. As a dog I do find it easier when I have some idea what to expect. I like to know when I’m going to be fed, where I’m going to be fed. Then there’s the small matter of which bed I’m sleeping and when it’s ok to get onto the furniture. All this travelling can be very confusing and I do usually manage to get things right, but it takes its toll. When I’m at home I can just be me and not have to think too much about any of it. Having said that, Mum was only away for a few days but she’s still going to the wrong cupboards to find things now she’s home. Then there’s Dad…

Confusing times

It’s confusing times for Dad and I really do understand. There are so many things which are different that he needs to remember. It’s even down to which bin to put things in and which day the rubbish goes out. We’re joking he’s on a retraining scheme, but frankly it isn’t easy. He starts his new job next week so has quite a lot to think about for that. I’m being a good dog and making sure he is getting a lot of love and attention. I’m on standby at a moment’s notice to give him a cuddle and am splitting my time at home between where he’s sitting and where Mum is. Once Aristotle is home we’ll be able to have our own little rota to make sure Dad has constant supervision.


We didn’t go to the Lickey Hills in the end yesterday. We all decided somewhere nearer to home was the answer and so went to the racecourse. I was really pleased we did in the end as my sheepdog friends were there and I was able to have a run with them and tell them all about my holiday. There’s one of the boys I quite like, so it was lovely to see him again. Mum laughed at me, but I had too much fun to mind.



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