So Much to Say – Wednesday 5th April 2023

So much to say

Today I have so much to say that I might have to save some of it for tomorrow. I’ll start with an update on me. Boy did I feel the effects of that anaesthetic. Mum had warned me they get harder as you get older, but as I still saw myself as a young pup, I didn’t think it could possibly mean me – but it did! I was utterly out of it when I came home. Not so much as to not want to eat. I’d have to be at death’s door for that to be the case, but I was really not myself. Mum told me I was singing, but I don’t remember that bit. I just had the overwhelming desires to poo and sleep, but not at the same time. You’ll be pleased to know I did wait to go out to poo.

My eye

My eye is sore and I have so had enough of eye drops. I know they’re for my own good, but how would you like someone sticking their finger in your eye several times a day? Ok, so if I didn’t freak every time I saw the bottle of drops Mum wouldn’t need to use her finger, but that’s just how it is. I’m Wilma, I freak out at eye drop bottles.

Having a contact lens is weird. I must admit I have tried to find things outside to push my head into so I can rub my eye with them. That didn’t last long. Mum is only allowing me outside on a lead now and is controlling where I go. She can be such a killjoy.

Check up

I go for a check up tomorrow and both Mum and I really hope things are going the right way by then. I’m going bonkers having crate rest. I think I’m putting the weight back on that I lost too and it was so hard to lose it. Mum has said as soon as I’m ok we will go for some nice long walks to get us both back in shape. Thank goodness for it being spring and the days being longer. Hopefully we can do some evening walks and Dad can come too.

So much to say about Aristotle

I know you want to know how Aristotle got on, but you’ll have to wait until tomorrow for that. I’m feeling a little tired now and am going for a rest. I’ve got a lot to tell you about him too, so be patient.