A Boyfriend – Tuesday 28th February 2023

A boyfriend

I’ve got a boyfriend. I may be slightly overstating things. I don’t even know his name, but he’s gorgeous. He’s a Collie – a red Border Collie to be precise. At least I think his colour is described as red. He’s about the same age as me. It’s the second time we’ve met walking at the racecourse and I’m smitten. Yesterday I didn’t mince my words. I just came straight out with it and told him how I felt. He was a little more guarded but said he does quite like me too. Our humans were laughing at us. Mum was even apologising for my behaviour and described me as an outrageous floozy. I don’t normally behave like that. I think Leo, one of Shadow’s sons was the last one I fell for and that was several years ago.

We’re going at about the same time today and I’m so hoping we might see him again.

The ducks are back

Mum got excited yesterday morning when we went out first thing. The ducks are back. Mr and Mrs Duck were swimming around our pond. We haven’t seen them for so long. Mum promptly put some duck food out for them so that they know how welcome they are. We just hope their visit isn’t a one off. You can’t know how happy it would make Mum if they decided to move into the duck house. It would make all the hard work of setting it up seem worthwhile.

One of the gardening jobs that Mum wants to get onto is to clear some of the reeds which are taking over in the pond. When she said she should get on with that, Ari got into a bit of a strop as he wants her to finish helping him with the compost and the seeds first. I’m keeping out of it.



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