Getting lost – Saturday 4th March 2023

Getting lost

Mum and I spent yesterday afternoon getting lost. We were trying out the walk for me to take my friends on Sunday. Mum printed out our route and it said that we would be on the green path. It showed the direction we were supposed to go round the circuit on the paper, but unfortunately the first arrows we found seemed to point in the opposite direction. Mum carried on stoically trying to follow them, but then everything got a little hazy. We were never actually completely lost as she had set the mapping app on her phone so she knew how far we went.

Are we nearly there yet?

We did get back to the car and we had done the distance it said the walk was but what we had not done was all of the walk. We cannot work out how we could have done the distance unless we went round in a circle somewhere. Now, that is entirely possible, but if we did, we’re not absolutely sure where we did it. Now the problem is what to do on Sunday. Do I take my friends on the same route I took yesterday or do I try to find the real one?

Gardening Day

Today Mum has promised Aristotle a gardening day. I may stay inside and watch the television with Dad if it’s cold outside. Mum and Ari still need to finish filling his new vegetable troughs and they are behind with seed planting. Mum has got side-tracked realising she should have pruned the roses by now and they want to have another go at a live willow hedge, after last year’s failure to grow. It makes me tired just thinking about it all. At least if they are outside there will be plenty of space on the settee for me.