I did not order more rain – Friday 12th May 2023

I did not order more rain

I’m sorry, but I did not order more rain. Mum said yesterday that if I was a good dog for the morning so she could get some work done then she’d come out into the garden for the afternoon. That plan failed. You don’t suppose she knew do you? It started raining at about 11.30 and carried on for the next three hours. We did get outside eventually, but Mum said the grass was too wet again for us to do anything more with that. On the bright side, she did help me to make a start on getting my squash plants into the ground. When I say ‘make a start’, there really are so many seedlings that I don’t suppose for a minute we’ll ever actually finish the process.

Wilma’s eye

We sent the photos to the vet of Wilma’s eye. We think it’s looking pretty good now, but the we aren’t experts. Obviously, we’ve got eyes of our own, but that doesn’t mean we know very much about them. He seems happy with progress but she won’t see him for another ten days. In that time she can only have her collar off when fully supervised and must not rub her eye. She still has to have the cream in her eye twice a day, but won’t need to be on painkillers anymore.

Poor Wilma this really is going on a long time. She is so desperate to be well for her trip to Switzerland. I’ve tried reassuring her and saying I’m sure she will be fine, but of course I can’t possibly know that. We can only hope. It is going to mean she won’t have had much time to recover her fitness and to re-socialise, so it could all be very difficult.

Mum is going to see how easy it is to take the cone on and off today so she can work out what they can do. Obviously she can supervise her while walking, but not in the crate in the car, so if it isn’t easy to put on it will still restrict what is possible.