Holding my breath – Thursday 11th May 2023

Holding my breath

I’m holding my breath and crossing my paws, which I have to say is quite difficult. This morning Mum will take a photo of Wilma’s eye to send to the vet, together with Mum’s view of how she’s doing. Then the vet will decide how soon to see her. Mum thinks that Wilma is doing a little better so she really hopes that it won’t be long before she sees the vet and then hopes she will be given good news. We have no idea how much longer she will need for recovery, but we are so hoping it won’t be much longer.

Dodging the rain

Mum has decided that she will spend every moment, that the weather is dry enough, trying to help me catch up in the garden. Yesterday as soon as she was free we went out to do some intensive grass cutting. Dad says that at those times Mum reminds himself of the Duracell bunny from the adverts. She works away frantically until she runs out of energy. Then she has to come indoors to recharge, which usually involves coffee and cake.

The worst of it is that the grass is so long that not only did Mum not get far before having to empty the mower, but she had to use a long cut setting. That means by tomorrow it will all need cutting again – except it rained so we didn’t finish.

Odd patterns

What is funny if you look at the grass is the odd pattern that Mum has cut. You would think it was just a random pattern by someone bored with mowing, but you’d be wrong. It’s actually a random pattern that Wilma likes to wander as she walks around the garden. Because she is having to stay on lead, wherever she goes Mum has to go too. With the grass so long Mum’s shoes keep getting wet. So, Mum had mown the paths that Wilma likes to walk so they don’t have to keep going through long wet grass.

Now of course, Wilma is likely to change her mind about where to go!



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