Missing Out – Monday 15th May 2023

Missing out

Missing out is one thing but having Mum and Dad both come home and say what a wonderful time they had is really hard to take for both of us. Yesterday our humans went on an Entlebucher walk without us. WITHOUT US! Now, to be fair, it’s a long time since I’ve been up to going on a walk like that. They went about 6.5km altogether, which is much more than I can manage. Wilma on the other paw would have had a great time and loved every single minute. Apparently Oden was yesterday’s mud monster and loved finding mud for his paws. I suspect Wilma would have put more than her paws in the mud if she’d been there.


One of my youngest sisters was there too. Mum said that Della had remembered her, even though it’s a while since they saw each other. She’s a very pretty girl and I feel quite proud that she’s my sister. She was from Shadow’s final litter the Ds and kept her original name. They were a lovely litter and their Dad, Max, was always Shadow’s favourite.

The other two who were there, Albert and Aeschi, are brother and sister but don’t live together anymore. Mum said all four of them, as well as Della’s sheepdog housemate, got on very well indeed. Telling Wilma she would have liked them all didn’t help matters.

Daventry Country Park

They had gone to Daventry Country Park and Mum said there is a reservoir with a well-laid path around it, making walking easy. There are plenty of trees and places dogs can get down to the water  as well as it being ok for us to be off lead. The car park is not huge, but the park wasn’t too busy so it was ok. Overall Mum said it was well worth visiting and has promised to take Wilma just as soon as she can go.

(This is what happens when you try to get a group shot of five dogs.)