Wilma is bored – Wednesday 8th February 2023

Wilma is bored

Wilma is bored. You know that point after an operation when you’re not in pain anymore and feeling better. The point where you think you can resume normal life… If only it weren’t for the gaping wound that still needs to heal. Wilma has reached that point. She is still only allowed to go out for toilet breaks on the lead with Mum, as her wound goes from under her arm to her elbow and would be very easy to cause damage to. That’s all very well, but when outside for her toilet break last night she got the scent of a wild animal in the garden and before Mum knew it they were both off at a fair pace in search. It was entertaining to watch, but Mum said less fun to be on the end of the lead for.

Mum did of course reel Wilma back in and normal life was resumed. Wilma came in sulking and Mum came in slightly out of breath.

Best behaviour

Today we are on our best behaviour. Mum has her visit from the Kennel Club as part of the Assured Breeder scheme, to make sure she does everything right. It’s good from our point of view as some of the check is to make sure our care is of the highest standard. You know as well as I do that it is, but it does give us the opportunity for a bit of ‘holding Mum to ransom’. It’s along the lines of ‘Give me the end off the beef joint, or I’ll swear you use me as slave labour.’ You know the sort of thing.

I do realise that approach may not be strictly ethical, but what do you expect? I’m a dog and I like beef! I will do whatever it takes.

Love Aristotle