Perfect Day – Sunday 14th May 2023

Perfect Day

Yesterday was my idea of a perfect day. For one thing it didn’t rain and secondly I spent almost all day in the garden with Mum and Dad. I was very tired by the end of it. I really could have done with taking a nap part way through activities but I did feel it was important to keep an eye on what was going on.

Firstly I helped with the mowing. It took all three of us working on it to get that job done. The funniest bit was when Dad thought the sit on mower was  blocked so opened the grass box in the middle of the lawn. That meant there was a large pile of grass cuttings where it wasn’t entirely helpful. Then despite Mum saying she knew what was going to happen if he tried it, Dad thought he would drive over the pile to pick it all up. Oh I laughed as the pile shot off in all directions. I can now happily munch away on grass cuttings to my heart’s content – they are everywhere.


Mum helped me plant some more of my squash plants. I’ve put 45 in so far. You might think that’s a lot, but there are still more to go. The biggest problem is that something has already eaten one or two. Mum says I shouldn’t worry and we’ll put the spares in to replace them. She’s also starting to save the coffee grounds again to spread around each plant. She should have started doing that sooner.

Now I just need to find somewhere to plant a row of sunflowers. There are already two small rows coming through in the ground, but the tray of plants we started in the greenhouse are ready to plant out too. It’s quite exciting.

Even Wilma had a better day and had several walks around the garden, although still with her cone on. It at least cheered her up a little.