What a walk – Sunday 29th October 2023

What a walk

What a walk Flossie and I had yesterday. We walked all around a lovely area near the river in Bedford. When I’ve been before we went more over the fields, but to make it easier for the humans yesterday we stuck mainly to the paths. There were so many smells, it was lovely. It was a lot busier than I’m used to, but I didn’t mind. I was feeling pretty chilled out most of the time and just padded along with my cousin in an amicable silence. To be honest, the humans were talking so much they more than made up for us.

Great café

We went to a great café that not only had outdoor seating, but gave us dog biscuits. That really is my kind of place. I asked for ice cream, but Mum said no. A few years ago we saw an otter just by where the café is, but we didn’t see any yesterday. Mum didn’t measure how far we walked, but it was a good long way and I was ready for a rest at the end of it. Poor old Ari had sat in the car the whole time we were walking. He said he didn’t mind too much, but he was a little envious. Mum tried to make it up to him by taking him out to do some gardening as soon as we got home, but it started raining on them.

Lazy day

Today Mum has said she really wants a lazy day. The whole world has been much too peopley for her the last week and she needs a complete break. That suits us very well as we get a whole day with her. Ari of course wants to spend it gardening, but I’m thinking more of a duvet day. I guess it will be some of each.



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