Too many people – Wednesday 1st November 2023

Too many people

Yesterday there were just too many people around the house. Everywhere you looked there were men working. Mum actually kept us both out of the way, but even she found it a bit peopley. She says that the builders are really nice, which is definitely making it easier. There were people pouring concrete and people digging holes. There were ones who seemed to do a lot of talking and looking in holes. Ari and I are finding it all a bit difficult, but Mum says we still have a long time to go yet. Apparently the next couple of weeks things are going to get worse before it all starts to get better. I think we should go away somewhere, but Mum says we’d have to go without her – which wasn’t what I had in mind.

Ari’s tummy

Ari’s tummy is still upset. Mum doesn’t think it’s as bad as it was, so we’ve got our paws crossed. He’s due at the vet tomorrow for his annual vaccinations so if he’s still not right Mum will talk to the vet. He isn’t being allowed out in the garden on his own as he just wants to eat apples. Mum has said he needs to be completely better before he is allowed anymore. I’m not being allowed any so I feel better about that.

Walking at the racecourse

I’m still enjoying walking each day at the racecourse. Mum says we must go to some other places too, but I don’t see why. I got excited yesterday because I could see my boyfriend in the distance when we were about half way around, but then Mum made me turn around and go back the way we’d come. Someone had a fire not far away and the air was very smokey, which Mum doesn’t cope with. I was so disappointed, even though I did understand why.



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