Therapy dog – Saturday 3rd June 2023

Therapy dog

Obviously I’m not an official therapy dog and I haven’t been through the rigorous training they do. However, every dog is a therapy dog to their own humans. Sometimes that’s an easy job and other times it’s more difficult. However, faced with your pack leader sitting down and saying to you, ‘Wilma, I don’t know where I’m going with my life right now,’ a number of thoughts went through my mind.

My first thought was why didn’t she try this one on Aristotle rather than me? He’s the philosopher around here and far more likely to have some answers. I kept that thought to myself, as I did my second thought. That was, well if you don’t know there’s not a great deal of hope in a dog being able to tell you.

My third thought

I wasn’t able to share my third thought either. That was along the lines of ‘Poor dear, she’s reached that age!’ Somehow I don’t think any of those would have been appreciated. Instead I did the only thing a dog can do in these situations, I cuddled up to her and said ‘We’re in this together. Where you go, I go. What you do, I do.’ Now we just need to work out where we’re going and what we’re doing. I went to fetch a piece of paper and a pen and suggested she write down the things we talk about. After that we didn’t say much, so there wasn’t a lot to write.

Update on the bees

This is really exciting. We asked the bees that swarmed in our garden to stay in touch and tell us how they get on. They have moved to the neighbouring village and have started the first hive for a new beekeeper. The beekeeper is a lovely lady and her young son is learning some of the beekeeping with her, which is great. Would you believe that in our swarm there were about 15,000 bees? That is an awful lot of bees. Apparently with that number there may even be honey this year. Mum says if there is any for sale she’d love to buy some. We have all volunteered to try it too.

Love Wilma

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