Off to the vet – Wednesday 26th June 2024

Off to the vet

I shall be off to the vet this afternoon. Half of my dressing is now loose, so it means Mum has seen some of the staples in my back. I’ve asked if she can take a picture when the dressing comes off, so that I can see what it looks like. She said the wound looks very clean and tidy as far as she can see. She did ask if the discomfort I’m feeling might be down to the staples pulling on the wound as it heals. I hadn’t thought about that, and I suppose it could be. I’m still going to ask Emily to check me over to see what she thinks.

If all is well, Mum says I can start my longer walks from tomorrow. She said it’s too hot for me to do much today until later so I need to wait for a few more hours. If everything is ok then we plan to go out three times a day along the lane opposite, starting with a short walk and then building up as the days go by.


Mum has fallen behind with the gardening again. She says until it cools down she doesn’t really feel like doing very much. I’ve asked if I can go out with her when she does, but she says it’s hard to supervise me while mowing the lawn. Having said that, she has offered to move my crate outside if I’d just like more fresh air. I think that would be nice as long as I’m in a shady spot.

Yesterday she saw what she thinks was a hornet in the garden. She was talking to our builder and he saw it too and thought the same thing. Neither one of them was very happy about the idea and have said we should be careful.



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