The apples are back – Thursday 29th June 2023

The apples are back

Aristotle and I are very happy dogs because the apples are back. They aren’t very big and they aren’t ripe, but that isn’t going to stop these intrepid apple eaters from tucking in to those which fall off the tree. It’s a lovely thought that for the next few months we can much away to our heart’s content again. If things had gone to plan, Mum was going to have fenced off that part of the garden by now. For once I’m happy that our building plans are not as far advanced as we’d thought they’d be by now. We can have another glorious year of apple eating and pears for that matter.

Old bicycles

Ari is going swimming this afternoon and has offered to help Mum take her old bicycles to the recycling shop. They recycle and mend the bikes for resale so they can provide cycling equipment to children with cancer to help get them fit and strong. The place they have to go is on route to Ari’s swimming. The only problem is going to be getting them and him in the car at the same time. Otherwise Mum will have to make two trips. She has two bicycles to take as well as lots of cycling bits and pieces like lights. We hope they can be useful.

Back to normal

Life is going back to normal today as Mum has had her days of sitting around after her dental work. I should be going for a walk later and Ari will want help with the garden. It’s odd, but I’m quite pleased to have things back to their normal humdrum ways. I know where I am and it’s sort of comforting. You really can have too much excitement if you aren’t careful. In between the fun, some quiet times can be good to recover – especially when the apples are back!



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