Impersonation – Friday 30th June 2023


Yesterday I was accused of impersonation. I’m a dog not a person, it was imdogation and I’m guilty as charged. Mum needed Ari and me at go into our crates for a few minutes while she dealt with a delivery. She put Ari in his crate first and then took me to mine. That’s when she noticed the problem. Ari was still following her and was not in his crate. You see, Ari is given a better selection of treats than I am, so when she called his name I rushed in front of him and slipped into his crate without Mum realising it was me. Then when she went to my crate I wasn’t there.

Good old Ari looked at the treats I was being offered and refused point blank to go into my crate so Mum had to up the offer. It was a great wheeze and definitely one I’m going to try again.

Ari’s swimming

After a break of a few weeks, Ari went swimming yesterday. He was not impressed. He’d been lulled into a false sense of security on route as Mum ran a few errands on route. He was just relaxing into thinking all he was having was a nice afternoon outing when they arrived at the swimming pool. He tried arguing with Mum, but failed and came back feeling fed up. It didn’t help that the lady had told him he’d lost some muscle on his back in the last few weeks and needed to do his exercises. Mum has booked for him to go again next week.


Ari is so pleased with how the olives have recovered that he’s asked Mum if he can buy some more. Now he knows that they don’t die quite as easily as he’d feared he says he’d like an olive grove rather than two plants. Mum has told him to save his pocket money and then ask her again.



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