Back at the keyboard – Wednesday 19th July 2023

Back at the keyboard

Well, it’s Aristotle back at the keyboard now that Wilma hasn’t got so many exciting things to talk about. She wanted to give you my latest garden update, but I put my paw down and said it was my garden so I wanted to do it.

Mum has promised faithfully that over the next few weeks she will help me in the garden for at least an hour a day. I intend to hold her to that even if it rains – although I might be inside if it does.


We are back to putting bricks under the squashes so they don’t rot on the damp ground. Some of the ones on short stems we have found some tiles rather than bricks for. All of a sudden they are appearing everywhere and if they continue at this rate there will be loads to eat from autumn onwards.

I’m worried about the carrots. It isn’t that they aren’t doing well, it’s just that the row of squash I put in next to them has rather taken over. Mum says we may need to train the squash away from them or cut them back a little.

At the moment it is the broccoli I’m most proud of. We will be eating it for the first time in a couple of days when Dad is home. I’m really very excited and Wilma and I will be having some of it too.


Of course I had to give you a sunflower update. The best ones are in a really sheltered west facing position and I’m really pleased with them. None of the others are doing nearly as well, but some of them will come out in a few days.

We still haven’t started on the pond and Mum is beginning to think we may need to get someone in to help us. She’s probably right. Neither of us have any waders and Dad’s would definitely be too big for me.

Other plans

I really want to tell you about some of our other garden plans, but Mum has said I need to wait until nearer the time to go into detail. We are just trying to agree some of the work with a builder, so hopefully it won’t be too long until it starts. It could be quite difficult while it’s happening but it will be fun when it’s done.

Well that’s enough of being back at the keyboard for me. I’ll see you all soon.



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