Hard working dog – Monday 20th February 2023

Hard working dog

There are times when Aristotle is really a very hard working dog. Yesterday, while I mooched around the garden, he helped Mum to move some more compost into his new vegetable troughs, planted parsnips, tomatoes and dahlias and tidied his greenhouse. To be fair, he did keep finding little rewards along the way. Turning over the compost unearthed some partly decayed apples that were pretty tasty. He was enjoying eating those until Mum caught him. She was not happy. Mind you, she caught me having a bit of a dig in the wrong place too and that didn’t go down well.

Apple trees

It was hard work all round with Mum helping Dad to plant his eight new apple trees in the front garden. Today there is going to be a fair amount of aching all round. It was almost completely dark by the time they finished yesterday so I think there may be a review this morning of whether the trees are even vaguely upright in the holes. It is mean of them planting them where Ari and I won’t be able to get to the apples.

Getting serious

My diet is getting ever more serious. After breakfast Mum has started measuring out my tea. When she first did it, I had the mistaken hope I was going to get an extra meal. What she is actually saying is that I am welcome to have a treat during the day if I’d like one, but it comes out of my meal allowance. How exactly is that a treat? Oh I’m so torn. Would she really give me nothing at teatime if I’d begged for all of it as treats earlier? I rather fear she would and it isn’t a good thought. Ari says I should try it, but that’s easy for him to say. He isn’t the one on a diet!



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