Sore bottom – Monday 14th August 2023

Sore bottom

Aristotle has a very sore bottom. He is finding going to the toilet is not pleasant, but then sitting down isn’t much fun either. He’s still bleeding a little and Mum is doing her best to keep him clean and comfortable, but he’s quite miserable. Aristotle really is a very good patient which has made me wonder why I’m always so difficult. He gets so much praise and I rather think I’d like to be thought wonderful in the same way. It’s no good though, we’re such different characters. I deserved the epithet ‘wild’ when I was a puppy and I’ve never really changed. Mum prefers to call me challenging, but says I remind her of herself, so it’s all right.

Getting broody

Both Mum and Dad are getting broody for another pack member to join us. It’s been nine months now since we lost Shadow and all thoughts of now only having two dogs seem to be going out of the window. If it weren’t for the fact that we’re about to have some major work done on the house I don’t think there’d be any stopping them. What is unusual is that it’s Mum having to say we’ll wait, when it’s normally Dad who’s the sensible one.

There is just one small problem. We can’t agree whether at this stage to add another Entlebucher or if we’d like a Corgi to be part of the family. After meeting Cookie in the Netherlands I’ve voted Corgi and Dad has wanted one for a very long time. It will probably be Mum who has the final say, but she is insisting we wait. Ari doesn’t mind either way, but said he’d like us to have a girl.

The Broccoli

You’ll be pleased to know that the broccoli was very nice. There was plenty for us all and we’re hoping to have some more today. We’re at the lovely part of the year where there are enough home grown vegetables for every meal for a while, as long as Mum doesn’t mind going out in the rain to bring them in each day.



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