New Arrival – Wednesday 23rd August 2023

New Arrival

There was a new arrival to the UK yesterday. She hasn’t come to live with us but has moved to live in the north of England. Bella travelled all the way from the Czech Republic to live over here. So far she is being a very good girl. We’d like to wish her and her human a wonderful life together and look forward to meeting them soon.

Good news

The vet rang me yesterday to say that my odd lump has been confirmed as a fatty lump and I really don’t need to worry. I thanked her but said I wasn’t the one worrying. Mum was very happy when I broke the news to her, she’s much more of a worrier than I am.

The other good news we had yesterday was getting a date for the floor of the office to be fitted. In just two weeks’ time that part of the project will at least be sorted. Mum says we have to finish the decorating by then so that we can just fit the skirting boards and put everything back.

Planning a holiday

I’m wondering about planning a holiday for when the building work is taking place. Even just the couple of days for the office floor is going to be complicated. I suggested to Mum that Ari and I could just spend all day outdoors, but it turns out that it’s the same time we’re having some work done on the pond. I’m going to see if Dad fancies taking me and Ari somewhere for the day and leave Mum here to sort everything out. Mum has told me that Dad will be working, but you know how daughters can get round their Dad’s if they really try… Well that’s the approach I’m going to be taking.



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