An update on Rafa – Saturday 16th September 2023

An update on Rafa

Today I want to give you an update on Rafa. It certainly isn’t easy. I’m not even sure where to start.

When Mum took him to the vet, the whole being taken out in the car made him panic he was being rehomed again. He was quite upset and didn’t want to stay in the car at all. When they were puppies and Mum had to take them out in the car, she used to sing ‘Old MacDonald had a farm’ to them so that the puppies would settle. She did the same for Rafa on the way to the vet and it helped. It meant she was singing it repeatedly for the whole fifteen minute journey.

After the vet he was very happy to get back into the car to come home and wasn’t nearly so distressed.

Crate training

Rafa hasn’t been used to having a crate. He isn’t taking it very well. Sadly, it’s essential as he still attacks me from time to time and Mum just daren’t see what happens with him and Ari until Rafa is more settled. I don’t retaliate. If he goes for me I just yelp and walk away. Ari is likely to respond. To be fair to Ari, he’s not likely to start it, but he would carry it on. Rafa is obviously used to having his own way and thinks he can get it by being stubborn, or crying. He’s going to have to learn that around here that what Mum says go and however much he argues, he will have to go along with it in the end.

I’d be grateful if he would stop having a go at me too. He hasn’t managed to really hurt me yet, but it is getting a bit much. Mum is being lovely with me and saying how grateful she is for how I’m behaving. She’s also said that protecting me is going to have to be her priority, which is nice to hear.

Listening to Music

When Rafa was crying yesterday, Dad tried putting Chopin on for him to listen to. All I can say is that either he was too deaf to hear it, or he doesn’t like Chopin. Mum is thinking of trying something more lively like punk rock.

We’ve got a very long way to go. It’s not Rafa’s fault. He’s finding all the change and losing his family very upsetting, but it’s pretty hard to deal with for me and Ari.



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