My dog showing career – Friday 1st September 2023

My dog showing career

My dog showing career is officially at an end. I know I told you I wasn’t going to the show yesterday, but then everything changed. Mum was supposed to have a hospital appointment, but they rang at 9am to say they had overbooked the clinic and were moving her to another day. She came to find me and asked if I’d like to go to the show as originally planned. We’d got nothing to lose, so we began to sort out what we needed to do.

We knew our class wouldn’t be until the afternoon, so we decided to get there just before the latest entry time of midday.


Unsurprisingly, Mum was confused. She often is in these situations. I can normally help, but I was as clueless as she was yesterday. She was good and asked where to go and gradually homed in on the right location. There were Shetland Sheepdogs in the ring we were going to be in and quite a lot of classes to go before ours. I was being a bit barky, so Mum suggested we went for a walk. In the end we walked all around and then went back to the car to drop some things off that we didn’t need and for me to have lunch.

When we got back there were still Shetland Sheepdogs in the ring. We had been moved to a neighbouring ring but there were still a lot of classes ahead of us. So we sat down for a while until a Doberman looked at me and I started barking again. Then we went for a walk.


We walked all around again until I told Mum that my let was hurting and I was limping quite a lot. “Do you really want to do this, Wilma?” Mum asked me. Well, until my leg started hurting I thought I did, but it didn’t seem nearly so much fun anymore. I hung my head down and shook it to tell her ‘no’. Mum was really good about it and went to let the steward in the ring know we were pulling out before we left. The Shetland Sheepdogs were still in the ring. There must have been an awful lot of them. And so my dog showing career is at an end.

We did have a great time and I saw some Bernese Mountain Dogs and some Saint Bernards, which made me think of my beloved homeland. There were quite a few Corgi’s too, but they weren’t being as nice to the dogs around them which surprised me. Maybe it was just one of them having a bad day.

On the way home Mum asked if I wanted to try again sometime, but I sighed and said I think I’m too old for it really. I should have done more when I was younger. So we decided I’d hang up my show lead and call it a day.


We came home to find Aristotle hopping mad with the squirrel. She’s gone beyond eating the hazelnuts she wants and is burying all the spare ones. She has dug up several patches of grass in the orchard and also removed all his straw mulch that’s around the young apple trees. He says all his hard work has been wasted and he needs to start again.



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