Only helping – Saturday 2nd September 2023

Only helping

I was only helping yesterday. I didn’t meant to be in the way. Sometimes as a dog you don’t know what it is exactly your humans are trying to achieve. They are not always the best at explaining things. When Dad bent down, I presumed it was because he wanted a cuddle, so I obligingly went to sit in front of him ready. How was I to know that what he was actually doing was rolling up the old carpet to move it to the other room? He should have made himself clearer. I don’t think it helped that Mum was in fits of laughter and his appeal to ‘Get off’, without saying exactly what I should get off, wasn’t clear.

We all got straight in the end and then I had to remember not to walk in Mum’s office in case I hurt my paws on the carpet grippers that were still around the edges of the floor. Being a dog can be quite a minefield at times.

Better weather

Ari is delighted that the weather has improved again and we can all get back to gardening. When I say ‘all’, that is except me. I just watch while munching an apple. He and Mum are trying to get on top of the grass and hedge cutting and then move the plants that we don’t want to lose when we do our building work. In between that I think Mum is planning to paint the old bookcases for the office and has said she will be as well doing that outdoors, so we should be outside a lot.

Going away

There is so much going on that I’d almost forgotten that Mum and I are going away this week. We’re not going until Thursday but I’m very excited. I do love having time just Mum and me. We are off to a place called Shaftesbury, which I haven’t been to before, but Mum says she thinks I’ll like. I can’t wait.



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