A Clean bill of health – Friday 15th September 2023

A Clean Bill of Health

Yesterday Ari was finally given a clean bill of health. The abscess on his bottom has now fully healed and everything around the area has returned to normal. He’s so happy that he can stop having his bottom prodded all the time. Mum says he was the best behaved of the three of us on our vet visits yesterday, but then he usually is. She took each one of us separately at different times to make it easier. It just meant spending all day driving backwards and forwards to the vet.

Rafa’s vet visit

Rafa went to meet our vet and to be checked over. He has quite bad arthritis in his hips, but it responds very well to anti-inflammatory medication, so he will be on that all the time at present. He has cataracts in both his eyes, which are affecting some aspects of his vision, but not too badly. I think I’ve already told you that he’s hearing impaired too. The good news is that unlike his brother his heart is just fine and unlike me, he’s not overweight. Mum says I need to lose enough that I’m the lightest of the family, which was bad enough when I was comparing myself to Aristotle, but Rafa is two kilograms lighter.

My vet visit

My vet visit was only supposed to be my annual boosters, or so I thought. Mum thought differently. First of all she talked about the pain in my elbow. I’ve got arthritis too. Mum had thought it set in after my sarcoma was removed, but the vet thought it was unrelated and coincidental. I’m to go onto an anti-flammatory to see if it helps, but might be better with monthly injections. That’s something to look forward to! Then there are the sort patches around my eyes and in my ears. Mum thinks it’s allergy related and it has seemed a little better with allergy medication. The vet said it could be some sort of mite, but as I’ve had treatment against things like that recently, it seems unlikely. The only other thing would be an auto-immune problem, but we’ll worry about that when we’ve ruled everything else out.

I’ll give you more of an update on Rafa tomorrow



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