Emergency Vet – Monday 16th October 2023

Emergency vet

Yesterday involved a trip to the emergency vet. I told you about the lump Mum asked me about, well it has gone from bad to worse. I didn’t feel great when I went to bed on Saturday but when I woke up on Sunday I had to tell Mum I was feeling worse. The swelling on my leg was much bigger and I didn’t need to go out to pee, which was strange. Mum said she didn’t like the look of things and as I was so miserable she talked to Dad and they agreed we should come straight home to our own vet. I felt bad as there were plans to visit two places on the way back, but Mum has said I wasn’t to worry as we’ll make a special trip one weekend when I feel well enough.


There is a mixture of things going on with my leg and we don’t know what they all are yet. On the top is an oedema, which is basically my body sending fluid to protect the site of what is going on underneath. Below that there is some abscess, but it’s possible that’s not the actual problem either. There may be a more worrying lump underneath the layer of abscess. The vet stuck some needles in me both to drain off some fluid and to try to get a sample of what is there. She also did an ultrasound to see if she could tell more exactly what is happening, but it isn’t clear.

The plan

I’m on antibiotics to try to take the infection down. I’m on painkillers to help with the discomfort and I’m getting lots of love and sympathy from Mum and Dad. On Tuesday I will go to the vet as planned in the morning, but I can’t have any breakfast first. It depends what happens in that time, but I may be kept in so I can be sedate and a further investigation made. That made mean a biopsy or it could be the whole lump is removed at the time.  It really hasn’t been my year for health. I try to keep smiling, but sometimes that’s not so easy. On a brighter note, when the vet weighed me I had lost a little weight, so there is something to smile about.



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  1. Oh, dear Wilma, you are spared nothing. Your old mum, Sis Valeria and the two-legged friends wish you all the best for the upcoming examinations and a speedy recovery. We give you a big hug. With love Susi

    • Dear Mama
      Thank you. I don’t know why things keep happening and neither does Mum. She’s doing her best to get me well again. The vet is very good too.
      Your ever loving daughter

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