Feeling displaced – Thursday 14th September 2023

Feeling displaced

I’m feeling displaced. Having gone away for a few days I expected to come back to an excited family pleased to see me and all having missed each other. Instead I came back to find my brother sleeping in my bed. Until I went away, the crate in the kitchen was mine. I’ve come home to find that apparently Rafa needs to be in that one. Ok, so Mum explained it was because she wanted me to be in her office with her, but I’m not stupid. Mum’s desk is still in the hall and nowhere near the crate in the office.

I also understand that if I feel displaced that is nothing compared to what my brother Rafa is feeling, so regardless of how I was feeling I promised to do my best.

Not a good start

We started by going outside on our leads with Mum and Dad just walking around and not bringing us too close together. I was ok with that and had a good sniff and tried to find all the places that needed peeing over. Rafa was so desperate to get to me and Mum that Mum had to decide it didn’t look as though we were quite ready to take a risk with yet. She’d even had the hosepipe on standby in case we started a fight and needed to be shocked into moving apart. It would have worked on me, but I don’t know how Rafa feels about it. He’s more like our mother Shadow too. He seems to have moments of the ‘red mist’ when he feels threatened and loses all sense of reason. I’ve known to avoid that one all my life having lived with Shadow.

The worst thing

The worst thing so far is that he doesn’t respect my gardening. Unlike me, he cocks his leg when he pees. He only went and peed on one of my best sage bushes. I didn’t know what to say. He then made it worse by pooing in another sage. That’s two plants Mum won’t be using in cooking in the near future. I may have to move some of my plants into raised beds if this continues.



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