Another hard day – Sunday 17th September 2023

Another hard day

Yesterday was another hard day. How many times am I going to have to put up with Rafa snapping at me before he realises we’re all friends around here? He did hurt me a little bit yesterday but he didn’t break the skin. Mum is giving me so many cuddles and telling me I’m a good girl, but I’d still much rather he didn’t do it as I am finding it upsetting.

Mum is trying to train him for the things he needs to fit in around here as best she can, but it all takes time. Yesterday Rafa spent some time in the car without actually going anywhere. Mum wants him to understand that getting in the car doesn’t mean he’s being rehomed again. Mum stayed in view cutting the front lawn so that he felt happy and then after forty minutes he came back inside.

Preparing for the builders

We are busily preparing for when the builders start work here. We have a date now to work towards, so it’s all systems go. Ari is working hard as he has to move some of his plants if he wants to keep them. He bought another vegetable trough while Mum and I were away last week and before using it for veg next year he’s going to move some of his plants into it. Now all he has to do is build it and fill it with soil. Then he’s going to need some help moving the plants into it. He’s going to be a busy dog.

Apple harvest

Dad is going to be busy harvesting apples for the next few weeks. I’m going to be busy trying to eat some before he does. It’s a race against time, but Mum says she’ll be glad when they are all off the trees and we can really make a difference to my weight. She’s such a spoilsport.



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