4 Million Pets – Friday 6th October 2023

4 million pets

4 million pets is an awfully large number of animals and includes more than just dogs. That is how many have now travelled with LeShuttle. It was a puppy by the name of spencer who had the honour of being number 4 million, but he took it all in his stride. We would just like to add our congratulations to Spencer too. He’s clearly trained his humans well. LeShuttle is our preferred way to travel too as it means we get to stay in the car with our humans, which is by far the best arrangement for all concerned.

It’s just a shame that the UK is no longer covered by the Pet Passport Scheme. Perhaps LeShuttle could use some of their strength to encourage DEFRA to make it a priority for negotiation. The animal health certificate that is required instead is a very expensive option, and I do know puts some dogs off from travelling.

Time outdoors

I’m looking forward to a weekend of lots of time outdoors. Mum says she’s had quite enough of being cooped up indoors this week and the weather is looking good too. Ari says that as we haven’t got many more days of having the garden to ourselves he really wants to get a lot of things organised. I just want to eat apples but I probably won’t be allowed.

We won’t just be at home. We’ve got Fun Day tomorrow afternoon and I just can’t wait to see some of my friends. Ari hasn’t decided whether he’s coming yet. He says he’d rather mooch around here and feels a bit too old for Fun Days. I can see his point, but I’m looking forward to flirting with some of the boys, so I’ll be happy whether he’s there or not. When I said that Ari looked wistful and remembered how he always used to come home with a new girlfriend when he was younger.



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