Fun Day Today – Saturday 7th October 2023

Fun Day Today

It’s Fun Day today and as always I’m excited. A lot of my friends can’t make it, which is always disappointing, but some of them will be there. It’s happening at a venue I’ve not been to before that is about half an hour away from here. Mum is stressed as she’s organising things, but I keep telling her that she shouldn’t worry so much. When she gets really concerned I let her cuddle me to calm her down. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter if she’s forgotten something, we’ll all have fun anyway. Just getting together is the fun part.

Blanket weed

Ari is fed up. After all the work that was done on the pond he’s now get a problem with blanket weed. It was doing so well before. Mum helped him clearing a whole load yesterday and has said once it’s all settled they will have another go. When they’ve got as much out as possible they can treat it with barley straw, but it will work better once the worst of it has been removed.

They have also decided to bring the lemons indoors in the next few days. It’s still warm enough for them to be outside this week, but they don’t want to risk the temperature dropping unexpectedly. They have to move before the builders start so it’s as good a time as any – or it would be if they didn’t have to come into the lounge!

Irrationally sad

Now I know we’re having a lovely new room in its place, but I’m irrationally sad about losing our current garden room. It might be badly built, with bits falling off, but we’ve had some good times in there and it will be very odd to see it go. We spend a lot of time in that room and enjoy being able to pad in and out to the garden while Mum and Dad are doing other things. Mum did point out that we don’t use it quite so much in the winter, but that’s not the point. I hope I like the new room as much. Mum keeps telling me it will be better, but I’ll wait to see.



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