Stabilised – Tuesday 17th October 2023


The medication I’m taking seems to have stabilised my lump. It hasn’t got any worse, but it hasn’t got any better either. I’m seeing the vet this morning and will see what he says. I can’t have any breakfast this morning, but for once I don’t mind. The worst part is that it means I don’t get any painkillers until later, but I think if I stay in at the vet they will give me some then anyway. Mum is worrying, but then she always does when it’s me having problems. She’d do anything to make sure I’m ok, but then I feel the same about her.

Packing things away

Ari and I spent quite a bit of time yesterday helping Mum packing things away. It’s amazing what spaces you can find to put everything when you really put your mind to it. Mum did realise putting her sewing machine under the chair might not work when she realised the pointy bit where she puts the thread would stick up into whoever sat on the chair. You’ll be pleased to know it is now safely on top of the bookcase.

We need to get all the packing up finished today, but if I have to stay in at the vet then I’ll have to leave Ari to supervise. Mum has said that there is no possibility of her finding space for my big bed and I’m going to have to do without it for a while. It will make it all the better to see it when I get it back.

Worrying about the garden

Ari is worrying about which parts of the garden he’ll be able to access. Mum says she thinks they now have a plan, but he won’t be happy if he can’t get to all his vegetables. At least I’m only bothered about the apples and they will all get harvested or cleared away soon anyway.



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