So far so good for Aristotle – Friday 14th April 2023

So far so good for Aristotle

Well it’s so far so good for Aristotle. They kept his anaesthetic to a minimum and he seems to have recovered very well. Unlike me, he wasn’t singing after his. His wound on his leg is very neat and doesn’t have a bandage on it so that the air can get to it. His nose is sore, but doesn’t look as bad as we’d thought it might. He does have a big cone on – even bigger than mine, in the hope he won’t both his wounds. Now he just has to rest and recuperate. For the next couple of days he’s on strong pain killers which will help. We’ll have to see how he is after that. He goes for his first check up on Monday.

As to the nature of the lumps – we won’t know that for a few days. Both lumps have been sent to the laboratory to be tested. We just have to wait.

Then there’s me

I so wanted to be cone free and back to full everyday life – but I’m not. The good news is that things are now improving and the vet doesn’t think I’m going to need referring to a specialist. However, because the wound itself was quite big and the abrasion they had to do made it bigger, it is a long way from fully healed.

I was so disappointed when they said I still need eye drops and a cone to stop me rubbing it. I really thought I was doing well enough to be cone free. While it might be my own fault that I can’t be trusted, that doesn’t make it any better at all. I did explain to the vet that mentally and emotionally it wasn’t doing me any good, but if I don’t want my eye to get worse I just don’t have a choice. Paws crossed that by the time I go back next week we have better news.



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