Hidden History – Wednesday 25th October 2023

Hidden History

It seems our house has a hidden history. More to the point it seems to have several. Mum is desperate to know it’s whole story, but hasn’t managed to get very far yet.

I think I told you there are two completely circular areas with edges to them. The builder thinks one was an old well. We have a spring in the corner of the garden so it wouldn’t be at all surprising, Mum says. Nearer to the house is a much larger area that the builder things from looking may have been the site of an old cider press. Dad likes that idea, whether it’s true or not.

The latest discovery

Now that the builders are digging behind the house, they have found what seem to be the foundations of something having been here before. The builder already said it looked as though there may have been something like a bomb shelter under what is now Mum’s office. Well, now they have found foundations which are high grade concrete which may have had a military origin. The latest suggestion is that there may have been a watch tower here during the last war. Mum needs to find people whose families have lived in the village for a very long time, to see if anyone knows about it.

The bad news

The bad news is that despite the who house being shaken by the pneumatic drill yesterday, they now need to bring in a bigger drill today to break it up. I’ve asked Mum if we can bring our walk forward to this morning so that we can miss some of the work. Ari has asked if he can come too. That would just leave Dad trying to work in the house. I don’t think he’s finding it very easy!



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